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Uzlādēts.lv is the only medium in Latvia that focuses only on zero-emission vehicles and climate change, providing current news about, but not only, electric cars, e-mobility, zero waste, ecohouses, green energy, and renewable energy resources.


Uzlādēts.lv was created in 2018 to prevent the spread of misinformation and myths in the Latvian media environment on such topics as renewable energy resources, electric cars, energy storage, and zero waste thinking. The goal is to become a source of news that information can be relied on

Editor-in-Chief: Kārlis Mendziņš (karlis@uzladets.lv)

Industry recognition

Uzlādēts.lv is more than a blog. We are ready to share our knowledge and help find a solution

Uzlādēts.lv is a recognized information source in the industry and has been evaluated by the Financial Institution ALTUM, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia, the association Zaļā Brīvība (Green Liberty), and Bezizmešu mobilitātes atbalsta biedrība (the Emission-Free Mobility Support Association). Cooperation has been established in the form of educational seminars with the Zemgale development region, Swedbank, SEB banka, Skandi Motors, Volkswagen Latvia, Latvenergo, Trafonet and Tet. A study has been carried out for the international three-year project BSR Electric “Fostering e-mobility solutions in urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR electric)”.

The company

In January 2020, Uzladets SIA was registered, which owns this blog and is owned by two people – Kārlis Mendziņš and Edgars Jakobsons. Uzladets SIA aims to offer an electric car chargers, their accessories and thematic accessories for electric car enthusiasts, such as shirts with themed printing, car stickers, etc. You can find out more on veikals.uzladets.lv

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